Another close friend from Rachel’s is Monica, the girl pal since they was in fact 6

Another close friend from Rachel’s is Monica, the girl pal since they was in fact 6

In their high-school ages, it is showed that Rachel try a popular cheerleader that have an effective sequence of men, when you’re Monica try the lady reduced attractive, obese companion. It lost contact for a time, however, turned into personal once more when Rachel jilted Barry ahead of its relationship and you may decided to relocate that have Monica. It’s indicated that Monica don’t expect you’ll become best friends which have Rachel once more, while the during a flashback episode, place soon prior to Rachel’s and you can Barry’s relationship, Monica and you can Rachel provides a go encounter, resulting in Monica remarking: “Ten dollars states I’ll never notice that girl once again within my lifetime.”

During the time they resided together with her, the two coexist in the relative balance, even after Rachel getting as an alternative a greedy roomie. This causes stress between them, eg within the “Usually the one With the A wedding dress” in which Monica screens the woman rage given that Rachel’s meaningful reduction to do the bathroom, understanding Monica’s fanatical character can make their would them. It is furthered whenever Monica/Rachel and Joey/Chandler switch accommodations. Rachel was distraught at death of the lady “women’s flat” and you can a couple of times complains even after Monica’s attempts to improve flat a great sweet spot to real time. Yet ,, also her distaste of the the fresh apartment cannot build their carry out almost anything to increase the situation.

Despite these types of stress, the 2 screen a genuine affinity for each and every other. Just like the Monica informs Phoebe, Rachel have nice absolutely nothing quirks, such as for example folding back all pages and posts within the magazines off anything she believes Monica will love. She simply leaves messages on the mirror when Monica requires a shower, and you may allows Monica borrow the girl hundred-as well as sets from footwear. Rachel and you can Monica got to the really given that roommates than the Phoebe and you may Monica as the Phoebe couldn’t sit Monica’s brush planned ways. The traditions problem lasted on basic four season till Chandler went when you look at the with Monica throughout Seasons six. Rachel’s heading out received the two females to help you rips.

It is assumed Monica gets this lady aunt-in-law in the event it was hinted by the Joey regarding twist-away hinge from you to definitely Rachel marries Ross.

[edit] Phoebe [ ]

Rachel’s almost every other companion. Phoebe very first came across Rachel regarding pilot event whenever Rachel actually leaves Barry and you will relates to live with Monica.

Their matchmaking mirrors that of sisters

During the a month 5 episode “The only Towards the Kips”, Phoebe and you will Rachel envision doing a separate gang of family members with Joey just after Emily (Ross’s latest spouse) demands you to definitely Ross does not select Rachel any more. Rachel states “We can begin a unique group, you and me, we are the best ones,” that Phoebe reacts “Okay. But let’s aim for Joey.” This never taken place given that Ross could not forgo seeing Rachel in addition to class stayed whilst is actually.

From year six-eight, Rachel and Phoebe lived together once Chandler moved towards the Monica’s flat. During the “One Where Ross Dates Students”, Phoebe and you can Rachel’s apartment grabs flames, leading to Phoebe so you can briefly live with Monica and you may Rachel to reside with Joey. Afterwards, into the “The one to your Escape Armadillo”, the new apartment is fixed and you will Phoebe and Rachel want to circulate right back although repair performs kept these with just one rooms, so Phoebe lifetime there by yourself if you find yourself Rachel stays living with Joey.

Within the an early occurrence, Phoebe and you will Rachel go to rating tattoos along with her. Even though Rachel looks like getting a center inked on her hip, Phoebe does not get brand new intended lily (on her mother) on her behalf shoulder as she ‘didn’t discover they did it that have needles’. Rachel attempted to convince the girl to get the tattoo, nevertheless musician rarely moved this lady into needle just before she ran of yelling. She presently has good ‘blue freckle’ which she says try ‘the earth due to the fact (her) mom observes they out of heaven’.