He does not have any sex that frequently as the they have a tiny knob

He does not have any sex that frequently as the they have a tiny knob

He hangs aside that have discreet, steeped someone. Build a mind. homosexual someone discovered away from an early age to keep their mouths sealed and there organization in order to on their own. I usually imagine the guy became Hamels lover because the Hamel try blackmailing him. Video footage probably.

He is a highly respectful individual, food folks nice, that’s an effective tipper. No-one features anything bad to state regarding him while the the guy will not give them anything bad to state. He could be very good, stories out of just how he gifted more 31 Harleys to stunt staff into the Matrix. https://www.datingranking.net/local-hookup/saskatoon/ He would grab shell out incisions so huge labels will likely be leased eg Al Pacino about Devil’s Endorse and you may Gene Hackman into the that activities film.

a reddit poster “A family group buddy generates motion picture sets, does not construction, is amongst the terrible men that simply yields. In any event, he worked tirelessly on the brand new set for the latest Matrix and you can Keanu read in the family members trouble he had been that have and you can provided him good $20,100000 Xmas bonus to assist him out. He along with try one of many simply anybody to your place you to definitely truly wished to understand individuals names, will say hello and you will suggest they, and you can manage keep in touch with anyone because they was indeed his colleagues and you can not lower than your simply because these were practically and work out absolutely nothing to make a flat. We have never read anyone say Keanu are douche, appears like the new nicest member of Hollywood out-of a pre-owned experience.”

R134 that is charming

Yeah, I’m sure he was right under the sleep after they was fucking. And you may right in the brand new physician’s work environment when they had their shared circumcisions.

I have to state, it seems unlikely you to definitely a person kid do voluntarily rating himself circumsized. Even although you don’t like the anteater search, there’s always a threat–although not small–one to things might have to go incorrect. Remember one terrible guy inside the Canada, which fundamentally killed himself.

Dad are circumsized when he went on provider. (This is forever before.) And that i do know for sure one sweet younger Irish man who had the new process as he try 16, just like the the guy felt odd as being the just uncut son around.

Still, exactly who on earth should do you to definitely? After the cut, you will be designed to not have an erection for six weeks. Particularly, Exactly what? Just how?

113 answers and many years afterwards and then we still have zero solid facts towards the their sexual liking? Get with it DL.

He dabbled which have males until the guy banged me and then we had hung on H. They have been upright ever before ssince, boy.

Keanu “is actually a great riddle, covered with a mystery, into the an enigma; but can there be a key. or in other words a good KEANU!”

I have heard upright boys state they’d “go homosexual” getting Keanu

The reports throughout the your are really coming in contact with. I’ve usually thought he was gorgeous and i also inquire today if perhaps one thing out-of their sweetness is mirrored in his deal with and you may belongs to their attraction.

One reaction where myspace thread are an individual who says their meth dealer found Keanu and you will got large which have him. We take care of one to blind goods regarding K stinking upwards his truck so very bad it needed an entire upgrade was Keanu (and you can buddies) puffing meth inside.

Perhaps not upright and certainly not dull. You might repeat that more than and over once again but it’s not correct.

In the event that Canada gave away knighthoods he would have one. Too many sweet tales in the him out of most people. I don’t imagine it’s a work since we all know he or she is maybe not an excellent actor. I don’t care in the event the he had been a druggie otherwise a whore, appears like a nice, it’s chill superstar that is uncommon. Together with his seems and interest, I’d getting a slut too. The guy needless to say didn’t screw Bret Easton Ellis, even if, Really don’t envision Keanu is towards the pretentious twats. The degree of self loathing needed to sleep Bret. ewwww